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When will my order ship?
All items will ship in 1 to 3 weeks from time of purchase.

Which carrier will be delivering my order?
All orders within the 48 contiguous states with a physical address will be shipped via FEDEX. All FEDEX non-deliverable orders will be shipped via USPS.

How do I track my order?
All FEDEX orders can be tracked by going to www.FEDEX.com. Simply enter your tracking number on their tracking page and follow their prompt to track. There are cases where packages have been given to FEDEX already but will show up as Manifest or still in our facility, which could mean it has been delivered to them but not updated on their site yet. Please allow 1-2 business days after receiving your FEDEX tracking number for FEDEX to update their site. Should the package still show Manifest or Exception at this time, please call us at 323-441-8853

May I return an item?
All Sales on the deals-daynadecker.com site are Final. No returns or exchanges are allowed. Please refer to the return policy for our regular sales items on www.daynadecker.com.

What is the Chandel®?
The Chandel® is an evolution from ancient candle technology and is an innovation in modern ambiance. The Chandel® offers a symbiotic relationship between all of its artfully crafted components giving the user a multi-sensory experience.

What is the EcoWood Wick®?
The EcoWood Wick® is the revolutionary component to the Chandel®. Made from organic wood via a natural manufacturing process, the EcoWood Wick® burns cleaner than an ordinary cotton wick. When lit, the EcoWood Wick® a soothing crackling sound. The EcoWood Wick® is a patented technology of DayNa Decker®.

What is the wax made from?
Our proprietary wax blends are designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible. The creamy wax is made from a natural blend of oils and resins. The opaque wax is a soy and palm blend.

What is the burn time of a Chandel®?
The burn time varies depending on the size of the Chandel®. The 16oz Chandel® burns for up to 80 hrs, the 6oz up to 40 hrs, and the 3oz up to 25 hrs.

How do I maintain the Chandel®?
The Chandel® is maintained by trimming the wick after each burn cycle after the wax is firm and cooled. To trim, simply use your fingers to snap off and remove the burnt top of the wick. The wick should automatically candle as this may affect the function of the wick.

Some of the fragrances are faint.

Do they have a stronger release when in use?
Each fragrance is comprised of base, middle and top notes and is designed to reach its full potential while in use. All of our products are generously fragranced with 10-20% complex fragrance notes compared to an industry standard of 5-10%.